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Good bye, Summer- Fried Green Tomatoes

Green tomato
Sliced green tomato
Fried green tomatoes

The woolly bear caterpillars this year are almost entirely black. Here comes the snow. *sigh*

Early Garden, 2009

Perfect Purple Mini Iris Mini Purple Iris
Mini yellow iris Yellow Tulips just about ready to pop!
Three Herbs... rosemary, sage, and thyme. Crocus Sproutlings in Situ

Spring is harder won here than in other places. It's only been a week of the night time temps being consistently over 32degrees, but my garden is responding beautifully. I used my very own fresh rosemary in cooking potatoes last night. :)

Hope all of your springs are verdant and wonderful!



Layouts are almost done.

Outstanding in my field!

teacher's pet-college
Well, okay. It's the university's field, but let's not quibble. I took my introductory drawing students out today to draw horses and they went all rockstar on me!

It was a little rough at first, but they're picking up the fundamentals of lifedrawing more and more every class period and we're going back next Monday to try for a more rendered, three hour drawing. I went out later after coffee and sketched a little myself in the dusk. Horses are hard to draw, so I have sympathy with my students. Still, they improve with every drawing, which is really heartening and wonderful. I strive to work as hard as they do.

Green thumb.

Today is such a good day. Netflix has graced me with Cabin in the Sky and Upstairs Downstairs. Quality! I am all about some vintage Lena Horne and stodgy British comedy on a Saturday.

I planted:

25 rounded blue and yellow mini iris bulbs
25 plume-likeyellow and white mini iris bulbs
25 pointy purple and yellow mini iris bulbs
24 stately white tulips
24 peachy pink tulips
8 purple gladiator allium (They get 5 feet tall and have clusters of purple flowers 10inches in diameter. This... is... Sparta!)
2 big honking purple siberian iris roots
2 orange and yellow bearded iris roots

While doing so, I cultivated:
5 mosquito bites
2 blisters

Spring is going to rock! JFK and Tropicana, the five dollar roses I replanted from the side beds, are so happy in their new spots on the sunny walkway that they are finally putting out flowers. This is exciting as there was a long period of doubt where I wondered if JFK was actually a rose. I will have to document his flower as it's been a long time coming. The two Oles are plugging away like good little Minnesota roses, of course. Being engineered for zone 4, they're blooming even more heavily in the September chill- Nice. I was worried because Centennial the yellow bronze rose was developing botrytis (red spot fungus) but pruning away the infected parts and treating with non-deet fungicide seems to have cleared that up and the new growth is clean.

I've also laid out 5 pages of the cat book and that's looking to have complete page layouts by October 5th. Looking up hit a snafu at the printers and will not be at Fallcon, darn it. I will be at Fallcon on Sunday, though, and it should be printed by APE... here's hoping.

Now I am going to go take:

1 shower
2 asprin

and go to the coffee shop to:

read 1 book
drink 1-2 cups of coffee

and then putter back home and:
grade 20 student postings on the online course management system. Next year I'm switching to moodle. WebCT Vista works, but isn't friendly.

Lovely! Hope everyone's well out there in internet land. :)

Page of Doodles.

Classics Majors in Love

Here's Betto and Cilla again. And skulls. And the muffin I couldn't finish- which was a pity because it was delicious. And me being worried musically. All of my sketchbooks kinda wind up looking like this.

In other news, my students rock and my classes for this semester are really interesting. I'm in my last year of coursework before the big D. Scary but way cool.

Saints Game!

Cooper Black- best cat ever
We showed up too late to get the Larry Craig Bobblefeet (hahahahaha!!!) but went to the Saints Game for Lacey's Birthday anyway. You've got to love minor leagues. Lacey had her name up on the big screen and had her picture taken with all of the mascots excluding the horrible pig costume. The Saints won by 7 points and we all got free Saints baseballs and highfives. After the game they sent off a full 20 minutes of memorial day fireworks set to music and the entire stadium sang along. It was pretty magical. Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend as well. :)

I never promised you a rose garden.

Classics Majors in Love
But I'll share mine with you anyway. :)

Ole's Glamor Shot

This is Ole (as in Sven and Ole or Lena and Ole): a winter hardy rose specially engineered for Minnesota winters at the University of Minnesota. Neat, huh? Awfully pretty, too.

Oles in the Garden

Oles in situ- you can see both my bike and the steps that lead down to my door. I have mentioned that I live underground, right?

Centenial in the garden

Centenial(pastel yellow/bronze) in the garden. You can see JFK (creamy white) and Tropicana (pinky orange) in the background, but neither of those has seen fit to bloom yet. Ungrateful things. In the Victorian language of flowers my garden now says that it is Fascinated (Orange), full of Grace and Joy (Pale Pink), Innocent and Secretive (White), and Jealous and Trying to Care (Yellow). That is to say, if everything lives.

I've also got asiatic lilies (pink, white, and purple) and gladiolus (random multi colors) going from bulbs, heart breakingly orange oriental poppies, strawberries in a big clay pot, and a blanket full of butterfly attracting wildflower seeds that haven't sprouted yet.

If seeds in the black earth can turn into such beautiful
roses, what might not the heart of man become in its
long journey toward the stars?
- G.K. Chesterton
A federal appeals court Tuesday struck down a state law requiring airlines to give food, water, clean toilets and fresh air to passengers stuck in delayed planes...

Okay, look. Speaking as a member of the 'they took my pants away and put me in a little plastic room for a few hours for wearing a 'peace on earth' t-shirt and now when I fly I am treated as a threat to the society in general brigade', what is up with this? We pay for the privilege to be put through unlawful and humiliating (also ineffective, might I add) search procedures, removing our shoes and dignity, to get us on the planes where we are lucky if we get three pretzels and a smile and the federal government says that it would be unlawful to ensure that people in delayed situations can have fresh air and water?

I give up.
I want the snow to be gone so that I can go running without breaking my ankles on glare ice. I want to ride my bicycle again.

Darn it, Minnesota, it's almost April. Why must you be so cold to me? Is it something I did? Can we talk? Should we go dancing? Do I need to buy flowers? I can make it right, just tell me what I did wrong.