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Guest appearences...

...in today's Drawing on Yourself!

The Winslow* and Edvard Munch.
*read Girl Genius!

Also- Windmill count=1

The other shoe dropping on the tiny plastic Custers joke is verbatim from my mother's blog ranting.
To recognize her genius, here's the verbatim of her thoughts on the matter:

"I haven't seen the movie "Night at the Museum" from the Smithsonian. Do they portray Custer as some sort of victim or as the arrogant and incompetent leader he apparently was?

Me- I would ask that people who get such a "premium" toy send them on for an interesting art installation. A million tiny Custers could be assembled into something thought-provoking. I see your point about being mad at McDonalds, but it sounds like the film is part of the problem too."

New Comics and Free Stuff!

Two new pages of Drawing on Yourself are up!

Do you like free stuff?
Do you like getting stuff in the mail?

I will send you a free sticker in a real envelope with a stamp and everything. Check out how to get one here. :3
(Darryl- you've already done this so make sure to send me your address!)

Drawing on Yourself!

Drawing on Yourself (a 56 page graphic novella online) has started and there are 8 pages online to hopefully get you hooked. :)

It’s about hipsters and classics majors in love, regretful tattoos and unrequited obsessions- but mostly about Don Quixote. New pages will be updated on Mondays and Fridays, with the dead tree book debuting at MoCCA!

You can start at the beginning here.

I'll tell you how to get a free sticker soon- thanks for reading me. :3

Happy pandemic season!

H1N1 Pumpkin at the Boynton Clinic

Oh, Minnesota. Why must you be so funny?

Introducing: Wingding

I am such a sucker. Cooper is getting used to the idea.

Wingding looks up
Wingding looks cute
Wingding looks dangerous (to fuzzy mousies!)


Good bye, Summer- Fried Green Tomatoes

Green tomato
Sliced green tomato
Fried green tomatoes

The woolly bear caterpillars this year are almost entirely black. Here comes the snow. *sigh*

Why aren't you reading this?

Duncan and Mallory is going on the web, courtesy of Radio comics.

My friend the cyber-anthropologist and cartoonist Mel. White and the late author Robert Asprin first collaborated on Duncan & Mallory in the heady days of the 1980’s comic boom, leaving fans clamoring for more. Now, White will be creating new strips featuring these beloved characters- Duncan, the hapless adventurer, and Mallory, the small, vegetarian blue dragon.

I had a dead-tree copy of this as a little nerdling and loved the spine right out of the book. Meeting and getting to know Mel. as a slightly older nerdling was one of the happier moments of my congoing. As a fully fledged nerd, I am so happy that it is going up on the web.
I've been drawing/inking my recent comic pages with a Lamy fountain pen, f-nib. It's bright yellow, the pen. The ink I've been forcing through this little banana pen is speedball, highly pigmented, acrylic ink. It lies clean and is shiny black- but I have to clean the nib with 90 proof alcohol every time I want to draw with it, because the ink gunks up the delicate workings of the pen something fierce.

I went out and bought a 12 dollar bottle of non freezing, super high end, fountain pen ink to try to save the time of cleaning and the pen from eventual destruction ... and I don't like the line. It's... different. The ink now spreads a fraction of a millimeter more and is flatter. That doesn't make sense, all lines should be flat, but now the line is flat in a wrong way. So, I'm going back to the speedball ink, even though I know this will wreck the pen eventually. *sigh* How like life.

At least I am now on the section of the book where I get to draw rocks and trees. This is a city book, mostly, but there are a good 8 pages of highway driving in the late middle where rocks and trees have been shoehorned in. This pleases me enough to stop sulking about the ink issue.

He's stuck in rural Western Wisconsin along highway 94. Bet you didn't know that prickly pear cactus were native to Snow Country, did'ja? We've got 'em. The little scrawlly bits outside the picture planes are from me, trying to get the new ink to lie right... futile.

Still drawing comics.


Things I'm looking forward to...

The new Paper Raincoat album. If you haven't heard them, check out their EP Safe in the Sound.

Fall Con! I have a table and a huge pile of books.
FallCon is October 10 & 11, 2009 - 10AM to 5PM Both Days
Minnesota State Fairgrounds in the grandstand!
It'll be like peanut butter and apricot jelly on home-made bread- nothing better.

Oh! Nothing Better is starting up again on Sept. 2 and I can't wait for that either!

Meeting my new 2334 students and getting into the Fall 2009 semester! My class is going to rock hardcore, y'all.